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The People
the Paper.

Meet Hans, Shelley, Ant & the team at Nakatomi - the proud brainparents of Givewrap, who are on a mission to change the way people give gifts, forever.

Our big plan.

Our goal isn’t to run a good, little business, that does a little bit of good. Our goal is to transform the $31 billion gift wrapping industry, and divert huge amounts of this money to charities, all around the world. We want everyone to realise that the gifts that they give, can mean more. That it’s not just about giving to the people you know and love, it’s about giving to those who need it the most.

The birth of Givewrap.

It all started back in 2021, when Ant was buying a Christmas gift for his Grandma. Every year he buys her a new pair of slippers (how boring) and donates to her favourite charity, on her behalf (how lovely). But this got him thinking, why hasn’t anyone found a way to do both, at the same time? A couple of over-excited chats later, and Givewrap was born.

So what is Givewrap exactly?

Givewrap is no ordinary gift wrapping paper. When you wrap a gift in Givewrap proceeds from the wrapping paper go to charity, whilst your loved one gets the gift inside. As we say at Givewrap, you’re giving twice!

Our pledge.

Giving is what we are all about at Givewrap. That’s why we have committed to donating at least $1 from every Givewrap product that is sold. Right now, this works out to be more than 100% of our profits! We don’t give to just one cause. We give to all causes. We give to the animals, the children, the helpless and the unwell. And in the future, we plan to give to even more.

And so it began.

Starting with four foundation charities, Givewrap launched in December 2022. It quickly landed its first sale: four rolls to a lovely lady in Sydney by the name of Janelle (Han’s Mum). We knew we couldn’t rely on our mums to buy every roll of wrapping paper we printed, so it was time to start spreading the word.

We setup an instagram page, we got a market stall, we made a TV commercial with a bloke who is really famous and really funny and we waited for people like you to visit our website, and hopefully, buy our wrapping paper.

If you wrap your gifts in wrapping paper, why not wrap them in Givewrap?
The only gift wrapping paper that gives back.